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Deorum Sanctorum :iconcharleswaynerobinson:CharlesWayneRobinson 1 0 Mortuss Deos :iconcharleswaynerobinson:CharlesWayneRobinson 0 0 Diisignotis :iconcharleswaynerobinson:CharlesWayneRobinson 0 0 Ramiel, the Mercy of God :iconcharleswaynerobinson:CharlesWayneRobinson 1 0 Chazaqiel, the Clouds of God :iconcharleswaynerobinson:CharlesWayneRobinson 1 0 Baraqiel, the Lightning of God :iconcharleswaynerobinson:CharlesWayneRobinson 1 0 Ananel, the Rain of God :iconcharleswaynerobinson:CharlesWayneRobinson 0 0 Yamiel, the Days of God :iconcharleswaynerobinson:CharlesWayneRobinson 0 0 Arakiel, the Earth of God :iconcharleswaynerobinson:CharlesWayneRobinson 0 0 Asahel - Made of God :iconcharleswaynerobinson:CharlesWayneRobinson 0 0 Batarel - The Valley of God :iconcharleswaynerobinson:CharlesWayneRobinson 0 0 Turiel - The Rock of God :iconcharleswaynerobinson:CharlesWayneRobinson 0 0 Danel - God Has Judged :iconcharleswaynerobinson:CharlesWayneRobinson 0 0 Kokabiel - The Star of God :iconcharleswaynerobinson:CharlesWayneRobinson 0 0 Shamsiel - The Sun of God :iconcharleswaynerobinson:CharlesWayneRobinson 1 0 Tamiel - Perfection of God :iconcharleswaynerobinson:CharlesWayneRobinson 0 0


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Deorum Sanctorum
The final location is the Deorum Sanctorum, the Sanctuary for the Gods. It is not known if this place truly exists, but it rumored to contain a multitude of temples. Some say that each temple is built for a "Lesser God" that has agreed to come here and that these gods are protected and worshipped. Other rumors say though, that the gods are not brought here willingly at all and are in fact prisoners.
Mortuss Deos
This goes even further with the island of the Mortuss Deos. During the Faith Wars, many gods were slain. But, this religious order does not believe that a god can ever be completely destroyed. By appeasing the "Dead Gods", they hope to keep them from ever rising again.
The Diisignotis is a monastic island where the Sali worship the unknown gods. For there are many gods that are still a mystery. The belief is, that by worshiping them as a whole, they will keep from offending any of the gods.
I am doing some work on my world of Kelleemah.  If you would like to follow along, check out…
Ramiel, the Mercy of God
The Coming of the Grigori,

It is believed, that the Grigori were the first to arrive in Kelleemah.
Whispered rumors say that they once rebelled against their "Hidden God" that they do not name.
They were smote down at the battle of Dudael and were banished here.
Most of the Grigori repented and chose to serve their god once again, while a small band still refused.
Three times the repented have saved this world from the invading Shedim.
The Grigori ended the Faith Wars.
It is these fire eyed angelic beings that grace most of our maps.
Most are symbols of goodness, bravery, and redemption.
A reminder, that both the immortals and the mortalkind are trapped here together.

Eden has been split into two realms. The western realm is ruled by the High Court of Angels. It is split into two factions; the Celestial Council and the Terrestrial Council. Each has four Arch Angels as members and the Lord Arch Angel Ramiel presides over the High Court and is the tie-breaker in any decisions. There are six empty chairs. Three belonged to the Lords of War and the other three belonged to the Haqqodasim. But, the Lords of War has informally established their independence with the ending of the Faith Wars and control the eastern side of Eden while the Haqqodasim have left all together and established separate monasteries in various parts of Kelleemah. The loss of these factions have placed a great strain on Ramiel and it is said that he is becoming more unstable and paranoid has the years pass. Many worry about what this may forebode for the rest of the races. Especially if the evil Grigori of Mount Hermon should take advantage of any opportunities that would present itself. Two other Grigori are said to exist within the world of Kelleemah, but little is known other than legends. Bezaliel has never been seen within Kelleemah, even by the other Grigori. Only whispers of his existence have ever been heard and all attempts to find him have failed. Azazel is said to be imprisoned below the desert of Dudael. If Azazel should ever escape, it would be the end of the world!

Ramiel is the Lord Arch Angel of Eden and presides over the High Court of Angels. He has 19 angels that serve him (As does each of the Arch Angels). It is said that he is the only one that still communes with their Hidden God. He has always received visions from his lord and even here, within their Kelleemah, it is said that he still perceives these visions, but with far less clarity. The Grigori was punished before for sharing their lives and knowledge with mortals. As such, all Grigori no longer sire nor give birth to Nephilim, the offspring of the "sons of God" and "mankind". And, Ramiel has forbidden the members of the High Court from interfering with the affairs of the other races. As such, the Grigori have only left Eden to wage war against the Shedim and until recently (in the time of the Grigori) during the Faith Wars. Some of the other races have started worshiping the Grigori's Hidden God, but pray to the Arch Angels instead, asking them to intercede on their behalf with the Hidden God. As such, they have started answering some of these prayers. Ramiel is also known as the Archangel of Mercy and the Protector of the Dead. His name means; Mercy of God.

Made with Character Artist 3+ from ProFantasy Software (…)
I made a new folder for fan products.
So far it just has the Gladiator Image for products.
If you have favorite images from my work with ProFantasy Products and would like to see a particular fan image/product, just let me know.


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